NEW: Clarins Pore Perfecting Matifying Collection

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Discover the pore-tightening, shine-defying duo for flawless skin. 

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Teint Pores & Matité $39

Clarins uses red clay for the first time to help minimize excess sebum. Its own color blends naturally into the foundation’s pigments. The lightweight texture lets the skin breathe and instantly reveals a smoother, more even, matte complexion. 

Kit Pores & Matité $48

This travel-friendly, SOS kit will be your new BFF to enhance, smooth, and mattify your skin. You’ll feel certain your complexion looks flawless, no matter what. The papers don’t contain powder or fragrance, so they won’t dry out the skin or smudge make-up, test proven. 


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Top 5 Lip Oils!

Lip oil conditions your lips while delivering colour.


Yves Saint Laurent Volupte Tint-In-Oil C$35 – Best Selling


CLARINS Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil C$25


LISE WATIER Gourmand Lip Oil C$21


LANCÔME Juicy Shaker Lip Oil C$28


CLINIQUE Pop Oil Lip and Cheek Glow C$25

product photo

Yes to Miracle Oil Argan Lip Oil C$4.99 NEW


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Banana Infused Beauty Products

Banana is amazing to lift and firm your skin (collagen and elastin) for your younger-looking skin. It’s equivalent to botox. Really, it is.It keeps the fine lines at bay. Check out the products that are infused with this ingredient. 🙂

Darphin Refreshing Toner with Banana Tree Flower C$42


Darphin Refreshing Cleansing Milk with Banana Tree Flower C$42


boscia Green Tea Blotting Linens C$13


Clarins Extra–Firming Day Cream All Skin Types C$87


Murad Rejuvenating Lift For Neck and Décolleté C$66


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Get Your Glow on with #Glotions!


GlamGlow Glow Starter Mega Illuminating Moisturizer C$59 NEW


Clinique Turnaround Daytime Revitalizing Moisturizing C$45


Clarins Multi-Active Jour C$52


Boscia Tsubaki Glotion C$48


The Estée Edit by Estée Lauder Beam Team Bronze Hydrate + Glow C$58


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Orange Infused Beauty Products!

Bite Beauty Matte Crème Lip Crayon C$28


Blood Orange

-Resveratrol (5mg): Acts as an antioxidant.
-Orange Peel Wax: Naturally protects and seals in moisture while providing a waterproof layer on the surface of lips.
-Organic Fruit Butters, Jojoba, and Castor Oil: Leave lips super-soft and hydrated.

Human + Kind Orange Shampoo + Body Wash – Dry Hair C$13


-Fig Fruit Extract: Provides a rich, nourishing treatment for hair and helps to tone the skin.
-Grape Extract: Conditions the skin and nourishes the hair.
-Sunflower Oil: Supports natural healing and hair growth, as well as conditioning the hair.
-Sweet Orange Oil: Nourishes the hair follicles and supports growth in addition to to soothing dry, irritated skin.


Peter Thomas Roth CC Cream Complexion Corrector C$60



Peter Thomas Roth Camu Camu Power C x 30™ Vitamin C Brightening Sleeping Mask C$70


DERMAdoctor Kakadu C™ Face Crème C$81

Kate Somerville Nourish Hydrating Firming Mist C$59


Clarins One-Step Gentle Exfoliating Facial Cleanser C$37


For more orange infused products, Please click here

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Beauty Trend: 4 Lip Oils

What would you prefet; lip oil or lip gloss? Is lip oil the new lip gloss? I doubt it. A lip gloss doesn’t contain any nourishing or skincare properties, where as lip oil does. It’s actually healthier for your lips. Are you down for lip oil?

LANCÔME Juicy Shaker Lip Oil C$28

Intelligent, nourishing bi-phase formula combining the active relief of nourishing oils with the revitalizing power of colour pigments for plump, glossy lips with a natural look. Shake before use and apply with the luxe cushion applicator.

  • Lightweight oil leaves lips soft, radiant and comforted
  • Includes a lip cushion applicator with a pillow-soft feel
  • Vibrant and delicious colours
  • Non-sticky texture
  • 5.3ml
  • Made in France


CLARINS Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil in Honey and Cherry C$25


A comforting oil that immediately soothes lips and nourishes them while leaving them beautifully shiny with natural-looking colour. Its rich texture develops a protective, non-sticky film on the surface of the lips. Protected from dehydration, lips are supple, soft and look plumper.

  • A melting, lip-plumping formula which combines the comfort of an oil and the high-shine result of a gloss for radiant, fuller-looking lips.


CLINIQUE Pop Oil Lip and Cheek Glow C$25

A subtle pop of dewy colour for lips and cheeks.

  • Fluid-gel formula
  • Infused with safflower, jojoba and sunflower seed oils
  • Poppy Glow
  • 7ml
  • Imported




YVES SAINT LAURENT Volupte Tint In Oil C$36

A revolutionary lip color with a lip tint suspended in a deep conditioning oil. Coat your lips with this lip tint for a lightweight texture that instantly melts onto lips. It is infused with a blend of four essential oils for deep hydration: apricot kernel oil, coriander fruit oil, jojoba seed oil, and possiflora edulis seed oil. Its exclusive applicator envelops the lips in full color and allows for a precise and uniform application. Lightweight and non-sticky, this lip tint offers a new and luminous shine while the tint effect enhances the natural beauty of the lips—making it the perfect combination for youthful looking lips. 


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How to: Do’s And Don’ts of Mature Makeup

When applying makeup on mature skin, one must be careful. It can either hide those fine line or accentuate them. No woman will want any of her fine lines to be seen up close. She will want them to be disguised.



DO: Applying eyeliner on the upper lash line. When applying eye liner only on the upper lash line keeps the appearance of fine lines or wrinkles at bay. When applying eye shadow, stick to neutral tones. Defining the crease is essential. So, a soft smokey eye is always the best solution. Or, a colour wash (eye shadow being applied on the eye lid only) using neutral tones.Keeping eye makeup clean is the best route.Neutral tones always look best. They are your best friend.

DON’T: Apply eyeliner on the bottom lash line. Sorry, ladies save it for the youngins. The reason is because, eye liner that is applied on the bottom of the lash line accentuates wrinkles, crows feet, fine lines, you name it, it’s being seen. BEsides, eye liner that is applied on the top and bottom lash line, has a way of making eye look tired and small. So, if you have medium size eyes, your eyes will look small. Small eyes will look even smaller. Traditional smokey eye, doesn’t have the greatest impact on mature skin. It actually accentuates any fine lines around the brow bone when incorporating black into your smokey eye. As well as, it just doesn’t add any greatness to the eye makeup. I want to say your eyes will look as though they are a bit closed, making it difficult to see your beautiful eyes. Save the traditional smokey eye for the young ladies. This doesn’t mean you cannot wear a smokey eye. It just means stick with the sister version, which is the softer (subtle) smokey eye using the brown palette.




BOBBI BROWN Nude Finish Tinted Moisturizer SPF 15 C$53


NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer C$54

DO: Use foundation. A BB Cream or a tinted moisturizer is your best friend. It is light enough that will sit nicely on your face, without it sitting in between wrinkles and fine lines. It moisturizes, too.  With a BB Cream, you also have SPF benefits. These type of foundations can actually disguise any light fine lines when applied properly. It also adds radiance. 

DON’T: Use any foundation that heavy. Heavy foundations these days are light-weight, however they have a tendency to slip into your fine lines or wrinkles, accentuating them.


DO: Conceal those imperfections with a cream concealer. A little bit of cream goes a long way. A little bit is all you need to conceal those imperfections. It also delivers moisture. If you don’t like cream, opt for a liquid concealer with anti-aging benefits.


Clarins Loose Powder C$47

ORIGINS All And Nothing Loose Powder C$35

DO: Using a light powder, which is a loose powder or setting powder is what you need to set the mkaeup. Setting the makeup is important if you want to keep the face makeup in place. Otherwise, it will separate and move around throughout the day. 

DON’T: Use anything heavy (compact, powder foundation, etc) It’s too heavy. It’ll sit in between the fine lines.



BECCA Luminous Blush in Snapdragon C$41


CLARINS Blush Prodige in Soft Peach C$32

DO: Always apply blush. As skin ages, skin becomes dull, which means it looses its radiance, it’s colour. You must bring the colour back into the complexion. Apply it with a light hand, so it’s subtle.



Smashbox Be Legendary C$23


LANCÔME L’Absolu Rouge Definition Lipstick C$37

DO: Use lipsticks that bring colour back to the lips, or simply put lipsticks that match the colour of your lips. Apply lip liner to avoid any bleeding or feathering. To make your lips appear fuller, use this makeup trick. Line your lips just outside your lip line. Fill it in with your lipstick. Normally, I apply lip liner last, so the lip makeup looks natural. Lighter colours, always give the illusion of fuller lips. 

DON’T: Use brights. Brights shrival up the lips, so they appear smaller. Use natural tones. Classic red or a blue-undertone in t he red; burgundy, wine, maroon, raspberry, etc), deep plums, medium pink; a coulour that gives to your lips. Nudes aren’t good. Keep the texture matte. If you want shine, opt for a creamy lipstick. It delivers the right amount of shine. Matte lipsticks these days, don’t dry out your lips. There are some, that have shea butter contents in them to maintain moisturized lips. Please, ladies, stay away from gloss. It only emphasizes the fine lines and/or wrinkles around the lip area.


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My Top Sunscreens

I never used to like wearing sunscreens when i was little. The greasiness of a sunscreen was such a turn off. It was, now, you have to wait a bit to allow the sunscreen to absorb, then you can go into the pool or ocean, but I will be reapply the sunscreen every couple of hours or so, so you don’t burn, and don’t put your head under water for fifteen minutes. Okay, now you can go into the sun and have fun.” What a drag. I wasn’t very good at listening to the don’t put your head under water for fifteen minutes rule. I did it. Sunscreen smeared off. It’s Florida. I’m enjoying the ocean or pool. It’s the sun. The sun in Canada, goes in cycles. Sometimes we have a mild winter that leads to a very sunny and hot summer (which isn’t a typical winter or summer) to a more cold, long winter and a nice mild summer. Not too hot, not too cold. Just right. Who needs the humidity anyway? Unless, you live in the tropics that are known for humidity, because it’s wet due to living near an ocean, lake, river etc. Otherwise it’s dry, and you don’t experience the humidity or windchill to the same extremities. Now, back onto suncreen. I’m happy to learn and to discover that sunscreen aren’t greasy, anymore. They absorb into  the skin much quicker. It’s about time they came up with sunscreens for the impatient people, like myself.

These are just a few sunscreen that I really like.

BIOTHERM Body Milk Sun Protection Spf 15  C$37



CLARINS Sun Care Spray Milk SPF 50  C$36



Kiss My Face, Sensitive Side 3in1 Sunscreen, SPF 30, 4 fl oz (118 ml)



Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration Lotion Sunscreen 


Badger Sheer Tint Sunscreen Cream SPF 30

Badger Sheer Tint Sunscreen Cream SPF 30 C$25


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Get Peachy!

Don’t you just love peach blush? Don’t you just think and feel that it gives a nice flushness to the cheeks? Yeah, me, too. So, let’s get peachy with it. 🙂

Clarins Blush Prodige in Soft Peach C$32

Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Color Radiance Blush in Sweet Peach C$35

Lancome Blush Subtil Delicate Oil-Free Powder Blush C$40.50

Estee Lauder Sculpting Blush in Pure Color Envy C$41.25

Product Image

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush in Incandescent Electra C$51

Product Image

Bobbi Brown Blush in Pastel Peach C$35

Lise Watier Blush Fondant Supreme in Peach C$30

Origins Pinch Your Cheeks Powder Blush in Sunset Peach C$29

Guerlain Rose aux Joues Tender Blush in Peach Party C$60

Clarins Multi-Blush Cream Compact in Peach C$30

Dior DiorBlush 2013 in Cocktail Peach C$54

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