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I became a certified makeup artist eight years ago. Somewhere along the road I started a beauty blog that quickly became a hit with the first year receiving over 12,000 views, the second year it doubled to be over 24,000 views, by the third year it doubled to be over 48,000 views, and by the fourth I had reach about 400,000 views on my blog; Stacey Hobbs: Beauty & Fashion Blogger.

During my second year of blogging, I was asked by Peter Nygard’s team to interview him on his latest innovation, Nygard Slims. I was nervous, excited and honored all rolled up into one. My first interview was this fashion designer, and Canadian who had dressed celebrities with really great clothes. As I had told him, I will tell you, “Every woman should have a piece of Nygard in their closets”. After he had chuckled, he had mentioned that a well-known actress many years ago had  had said the same thing. Needless to say, my interview was great. At this time, I had been asked by Cliche magazine to write an article for them that is titled Ultimate Beauty FAQ (below). Eventually becoming a beauty contributor for the publication that lasted for two years, ending it with a fantastic internship. I  had learned so much. I had written beauty articles for other fashion magazines throughout Canada and United States. I love communicating and to help others, so this fits me wonderfully. 

Cliche Oct Nov 2013

From appearing on television as a makeup artist, I had learned I really enjoyed it as much as blogging and writing. In addition, around the two years of having a beauty blog, I had begun writing beauty and fashion reviews for several cosmetic companies, it has continued to this day to which I enjoy. In addition, I have covered events for my blog; Stacey Hobbs, which includes GlossyBox.

I hope you like my blog; Stacey Hobbs: Beauty & Fashion Blogger. Happy Reading! Enjoy! 

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