10 HandBags That are Timeless!

his is a great article on TheRichest.com! They have nailed it. These must-haves are a staple to have in your closet. I love the Prada Saffiano Bag, Louis Vuitton Speedy Bag, Dior Lady Bag, Fendi Baguette


 Louis Vuitton Speedy Bag 

First available in the 1930’s, this classic Louis Vuitton bag might be called a Speedy, but it’s hardly fast fashion. It has cowhide leather handles that darken with age. While the most well known Speedy is probably the most classic model made of logo canvas, Louis Vuitton has created the bag in a variety of styles and colors, from graffiti to more traditional leathers and new ones come out every season. The Speedy is a classic bag because it can be casual with jeans and a t-shirt and formal for an evening at the opera. It also looks proportional with every body type. The size and shape of the Speedy make it the perfect bag for every woman who needs to carry a lot of things with them.



Balenciaga Motorcycle Bag 

Although the brand was established in 1915, Balenciaga saw a resurgence in 2003, when Nicolas Ghesquière created the Motorcycle Bag exclusively for the fashion house’s runway show. Model Kate Moss fell in love with bag, Balenciaga then made it available for purchase and the rest is fashion history. A modern classic, the bags are made of a soft, very light, durable leather and come with leather framed mirrors and cell phone pockets. The zippers have a signature leather tassel pull. There are two hand straps fastened to the bags as well as a removable longer shoulder strap. Currently, the most expensive Motorcycle Bag is $2,045, but there are minis available for around $1,300.



Bottega Veneta Intrecciato 

Bottega Veneta is the Italian leather brand you recognize for it’s style, not it’s logo. Known for their artisanal simplicity, Bottega Veneta simply means Venetian Shop and not surprisingly the company’s slogan is “When Your Own Initials Are Enough.” Established in 1966, the company’s founders Vittorio and Laura Moltedo, developed a leather weaving technique called intrecciato, which has defined their signature style ever since. Intreccaito is used to make a wide variety of Bottega Veneta’s handbags and accessories, from clutches to weekenders. Currently, the Nero Nappy Vulcana Bag is available for $6,650, but equally stylish and less expensive shoulder bags are available in the $2,500 range.


Prada Saffiano Bag

The House of Prada was founded in 1913, but did not become a household name until after 1978, when Miuccia Prada took over the company. Saffiano is treated leather that is embossed with a cross hatch pattern, which makes the bag more durable and increases scratch resistance as well as water resistance. Most importantly, saffiiano leather makes for gorgeous accessories. Saffiano bags have two handles and gold hardware, as well as the signature Prada gold upside down triangle logo. A celebrity favorite, actresses Hailee Steinfeld and Lindsay Lohan as well as singer Rihanna have all been spotted with the Prada Classic. Saffiano bags come in a variety of shapes from totes to minis, currently costing from $9,660 to around $1,700.


Image result for classic dior lady bag

Dior Lady Bag

A new classic, Christian Dior’s Lady bag was given as a gift to Princess Diana from the first lady of France, Bernadette Chirac. After the chic Princess was photographed with it, the bag was immediately named after her and has graced the forearms of the elegant and sophisticated ever since. Each bag is hand made and each cannage quilted square pattern is hand crafted and then fitted with either gold or silver hardware and a singature CD charm. While perhaps the most well-known Lady bag materials are patent leather and calfskin, but you can buy a python one for $11,800. However, non-leather mini Ladies start at around $1,200.




The Gucci Jackie Bag

The Gucci Jackie Bag is another stunner than never goes out of style. Created in the late 1950’s for the bag’s namesake Jackie Kennedy Onassis, it has remained an accessory staple. It was even slightly redesigned and re-launched in 1999, but both the old and new Jackies are still avalable. The shoulder bag, which is actually quite comfortable, has the signature Gucci piston clasp. Handmade in Italy, it comes in many styles and materials. The most expensive Jackie Bag was sold for $20,400, but there are classic GG initial logo styles available for only $1,450. Like it’s namesake, the Jackie is sophisticated, but stunning.



The Fendi Baguette 

A modern classic, designed in 1997 by Silvia Venturini, the baguette was made to fit under the arm, like a French Baguette loaf. Ever since, there have been over a thousand different baguettes made of different materials from denim, to pony skin and crocodile. Perhaps the most famous Baguette belonged to fictional fashion icon Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and The City, when she was mugged for her purple sequin one. After the episode aired, fashionistas declared the Baguette, an It bag. A book was even published to commemorate the bag’s fifteenth anniversary. The most expensive Baguette was sold for $6,220, but prices start around $1,400.




Hermès Kelly Bag

The Hermès Kelly Bag is the ultimate stays symbol. No other accessory has subtly screamed expensive quite the way the Kelly does. First introduced in 1892 as a saddle bag, the iconic accessory evolved and was ultimately named for princess Grace Kelly of Monaco, when it was given to her in 1954. It has been making women feel like princesses ever since. Handmade, these bags take between 18-25 hours to create. It is Hermès’ best selling bag of all time.

The most expensive Kelly Bag ever sold was auctioned for $125,000 in December 2013. It was a one of a kind known as the Geranium Porosus. However, most “starter” Kellys start at around $11,00.



Hermès Birkin Bag

Named for actress Jane Birkin, it was first created for her in 1984 when she sat next to Hermès executive Jean-Louis Dumas on an airplane and told him she was having trouble finding a good leather weekend bag. Dumas had the bag created for her based on a design from 1892. These bags, which are lined with goat skin leather and then made with a variety of leathers including calf skin, ostrich, lizard and crocodile, take approximately 48 hours to make by hand.

The most expensive Birkin Bag cost $120,00 and was made of crocodile with 18 carat gold hardware encrusted with diamonds. However, most Birkins start around $11,000.



The Chanel Flap Bag

The Chanel flap bag is the epitome of a classic handbag. It is simply designed and crafted. First introduced in 1955 by Coco Chanel herself, who was tired of carrying her purse in her hands and wanted something chic for her shoulders. It was slightly re-designed in 1983 by Karl Lagerfeld, who added the iconic CC clasp.

If you are considering purchasing one of these bags, do it sooner rather than later because the prices of these bags have been known to increase bi-annually. At any price, it is a worthwhile investment. The most expensive flap bag was sold for $261,000, but less expensive ones start at a more relatively affordable $2,200.


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Timeless Designer Classics that You Must Have in Your Closet! Part 1



Image result for valentino rockstud classic slingback


Valentino Patent Leather Rockstud Slingbacks in Blush C$1,370


PRADA Minimal Baroque Round Sunglasses C$365




The Burberry trenchcoat was famously worn by British officers in WWI. Its original design was called the Tielocken and was designed to protect military officers against harsh weather. The D-shaped belt ring was used for attaching small items such as maps. Later the coat was modified for the masses. Since then it has remained the brand’s most recognizable piece. 

Chanel 2.55 C$7,075

The first bag that Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel designed in 1929 was a hand-carried, just like all other bags that were available to upper-class women during that era. However, it turned out to be an impossible task to combine the bag with a flûte champagne, theater leaflets and hors d’oeuvres. But in 1955 Coco Chanel changed handbag history with the introduction of the Chanel 2.55. It was modified for practical reasons. “I got fed up with holding my purses in my hands and losing them, so I added a strap and carried them over my shoulder,” The practical 2.55 was therefore immediately a great succes. In the first year Gabrielle Chanel even had to refuse orders because of the high demand. For the first time, it was acceptable for upper-class women to carry a bag on their shoulders. 



The story goes that Christian Louboutin’s red soles are inspired by his assistent. As she was painting her nails in a bright red color, Louboutin took the nail polish from her hands and began to paint the sole with the nailpolish. And so the bright red became the signature color of Louboutin. No other than the Princess of Monaco was his first real customer. The Princess unleashed a true rage on the red soles. The now famous Louboutins are worn by famous designers like Diane von Fürstenberg, and many celebrities.

In addition, the story of the red sole goes a little something like this: YSL and Louboutin were in court fighting to obtain the right to the trademark, as you can see Louboutin had won the lawsuit against YSL. YSL were and are unable to use this infamous trademark that is a signature of a Louboutin.



Hermes Birkin

In the 80’s Jane Birkin was seated next to Jean-Louis Dumas, the CEO of Hermès, on her flight from Paris to London. Jane was complaining that she never found the perfect weekend bag. Without knowing who he was, she described to Dumas what her dream bag would look like. Shortly after their meet-up, Jane Birkin received her personalized bag with a personal note. From that moment on the Birkin became the most recognized luxury handbag in the world. To receive one of these beauties, you now have to sign your name on a waiting list. That is just as high-in-demand this Birkin weekend handbag has become. It’s so in-demand, that even celebrities find themselves on the infamous Hermes Birkin wait lists with the hope of one day owning this ultra-exclusive bag. Birkin prices range from $10,500 to $150,000. My advice is to make sure you get warranty for the handbag. 

YSL Smoking Jacket

The introduction of ‘Le Smoking Tuxedo’ in 1966 was a turning point, allowing women to be feminine and masculine all at once. This was the first time women could acceptably wear a smoking jacket to dinner and other events. Whether worn with a t-shirt or with absolutely nothing underneath, this is a fashion staple that has withstood the test of time.

Image result for dvf classic jersey wrap dress

DvF Wrap Dress

Described by Vogue as a “sartorial symbol of women’s sexual liberation”, Diane von Fürstenberg’s classic jersey wrap dress became a classic fashion piece since it launched in 1972.  Fürstenberg explained to the Los Angeles Times in 1976: “Clothes have to reflect women’s liberation. Women today want versatile, simple, classic, comfortable, slimming clothes. This is the story of my success.”

Image result for dior classic ballet skirt

Image result for dior classic ballet skirt

Dior Ballet Skirt

After WWII fashion yearned for something more frivolous, colorful and playful. Christian Dior presented just that with the voluminous ballet skirt. It contributes to the 1947 creation of the New Look

Image result for classic chanel suit  Image result for classic chanel suit

The Chanel Suit

In 1923 Coco Chanel invited a small group of journalists to her salon to show her new collection. One of the items of this collection was the Chanel suit. However, the journalists were far from impressed by the suit. The tweed twinset barely got a mention in reviews. But after the WWII (more precisely in the 1950’s) she reintroduced the Chanel suit as we now know it. This time it was a grand succes and it became one of Chanel’s most iconic creations and has influenced many look-a-likes.

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What’s New: Chanel LE TEINT ULTRA TENUE Line

CHANEL LE TEINT ULTRA TENUE Ultrawear Flawless Foundation C$67


CHANEL LE TEINT ULTRA TENUE Ultrawear Flawless Compact Foundation C$69


A flawless complexion all day long.
A fluid foundation that redefines long wear for irreproachable radiance and a perfect matte finish from morning to night. Its incredibly fine texture is as comfortable and imperceptible as a second skin.
LE TEINT ULTRA TENUE offers sheer, luminous coverage for a flawless complexion at all times.

– A combination of absorbent powders and zinc to keep shine under control
– Moisturizing active ingredients offer a sensation of comfort all day long.
– Hydrophobic pigments to resist daily emotions and deliver radiant colour in all circumstances.

Apply LE TEINT ULTRA TENUE Fluid Foundation with fingertips, patting on from the middle of the face outwards. For more intense coverage, reapply on target areas.
To apply with a brush, dispense a few drops of foundation on the back of the hand. Then, take the foundation with a brush and apply to entire face, patting on and then smoothing from the middle of the face outwards.


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All images are courtesy of thebay.com


Get the Look: Kristen Stewart’s Chanel Le Rouge No. 1 Fall Collection 2016!

Products Shown:
LES 4 OMBRES in Candeur et Expérience
Contour Shadow Brush #20
Small Contour and Shadow Brush #26
LE CRAYON LÈVRES in Rouge Profond


For the full range of the collection, please refer to this post 🙂 

Get the Look: Blue, Yellow, Green Lips!

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Chanel Le Rouge Collection No. 1 Fall Collection 2016!




Le Rouge Collection:Le Rouge Collection:

Les 4 Ombres in 268 Candeur et Experience $61

Dimensions de Chanel in 40 Subversif Chanel.com Exclusive $32

Illusion D’Ombre in 128 Rouge Brule Limited Edition $36

Illusion D’Ombre Velvet in 132 Rouge Contraste Limited Edition $36

Stylo Yeux Waterproof in 928 Eros and 929 Agape Limited Edition $33

Rouge Allure in 168 Rouge Ingenue and 169 Rouge Tentation $37 

Rouge Allure Velvet in 56 Rouge Charnel, 57 Rouge Feu, 58 Rouge Vie and 59 Rouge Audace Limited Edition

Le Crayon Leveres in 97 Desir and 98 Seduction $31

Le Vernis in  528 Rouge Puissant and 529 Nail Gloss Limited Edition $28

Joues Contraste in 320 Rouge Profound $45 

For more from this fabulous collection, please click on the link above. 🙂




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My Makeup Routine

This is my makeup routine. It’s quick and it’s simple, as I like my every day makeup routine to be; quick and simple. 

Lancome La Base Pro (C$48 http://www.lancome.ca)

1. It’s Prime Time!

I begin by applying a primer. Some of my favourite primers include Lancome, Smashox, Dior, NARS and, especially Chanel. This primer is a lotion based primer. It moisturizes the skin while acting as a primer. Using a silicone based primer, such as Lancome or the famous Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer requires you to ensure that you’re makeup is silicone based.
As for Chanel, you can use either water base or silicone base makeup with it. 

Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation (C$50 http://www.makekupforever.ca)

2. Foundation, Cover Up, Powder, Oh My!
I like using foundations that contain a bit of a concealer in them, which is normally HD foundations, meaning they are silicone base, as well as that these foundations contain a built in concealer. If you need more coverage than minimal coverage. HD foundations can only do so much like covering acne/blemish scars. Silicone is a long lasting ingredient to ensure long-lasting results up to eight hours of makeup wear, with very minimal to no touch ups that are needed. I like using my foundation brush applying in a downward motion to prevent all makeup from entering into my pores. This will dry out your skin, dry skin ages much quicker than other skin types. A powder foundation delivers coverage in case the foundation misses anything, after you have removed any excess product. I like applying my powder by concentrating it. How do I do this? With my powder on my powder brush, I like using my now discontinued Dior Powder/Blush Brush that was designed by John Galliano right before he left as Creative Director for Dior. With a brush like this, a little bit of powder goes a long way. So, with brush in hand, I will pat the brush all over my face. You are applying more product when it is concentrated vs to sweeping it onto the face. The sweeping motion is what I use to blend the powder in to even it out. Viola, imperfections are camouflaged. I like a matte finish, so I like powder.

NARS Dual-Intensity Blush in Fervor (C$55 http://www.narscosmetics.com

3. Blush It!
The new NARS duo blush is so long lasting that whatever intensity of application you apply in the morning before heading to work, you will notice that it stays in tact eight hours later. Yup, that’s right, ladies, you have read that right. No touch ups needed. Dior and Smashbox deliver the same results. I love using my artist brush from Make Up For Ever to apply my blush. this blush can be worn in an intense manner by wetting the powder, or in it’s natural state by applying it dry.


4. Look Into My Eyes! 
Do you see my baby blues? That is one of the reasons as to why I keep my eye makeup natural with a brown eye shadow, wither in a sophisticated smokey eye or just as is. I love wearing colour from neon pink, neon yellow to pastels to white. I normally line my upper lash line with the tight-liner technique and hidden liner technique so my lashes give the illusion that they are full from all angles, which is actually what both techniques are excellent for. And, of course, mascara. I don’t have sensitive eyes, like I thought I had, instead I have dry eyes, moving out to Calgary last year, which is a dry climate, my eye have become even drier if that is even possible, so any mascaras that does not contain fragrance in them is what I can wear. I love 100% Pure mascara made from either black tea or blackberries. I don’t need a fragrance in my mascara. Who is going to smell my lashes? “Do my lashes smell pretty today?” Haha. 
Tip: Powder is much more long-lasting than pencil. I like using a powder that has a dual property; wet or dry. Wetting the eye shadow wet will give an intense look. A dry powder gives it a soft, natural look. 
A little mixology with an eye shadow pencil: Place it under a flame for a couple of seconds. Remove. Apply. This result is that it looks like you are wearing liquid eye liner. Excellent alternative if you’ve ran out of your liquid eye liner, gel eye liner, cake eye liner.

Dior Addict Lipstick (C$42 http://www.dior.com)

4. Lips Have It All
Because, my eyes are natural looking, my feature that I have selected to play up is my lips. Just remember if you want your lips to look big, stick with nude pink, true red, so light colours. Bright colours, including bright red will make lips look small. You can always contour your lips (We shall save that one for another blog – if interested, just let me know) Bring on the colour! I don’t have a favourite lipstick. I don’t wear lip glosses. It’s too shiny. When I want shine, I will use a creamy lipstick. Creamy lipsticks today, as opposed to back in the day are made from beeswax. Beeswax retains moisture, locks in moisture, delivers moisture, so creamy lipsticks will moisturize your lips. Matte lipstick dry them out. If you have dry lips, exfoliate them before applying.  With foundation and powder applied over my lips when I had applied the duo onto my base. This is called lip blocking. When lips have been blocked the acid in the lips cannot change the colour or absorb it depending how pigmented your lips are. My are pigmented, as I cannot wear sheer, light colours. My lips absorb them. For others, the colour changes slight or drastically. So, more pigmented your lips are, the more it will absorb the colour or the actual content. Highly pigmented colours usually work for everyone who are in the predicament of absorption. As for getting that true colour that you see, whether it’s for fashion purposes (blue lips), the colour remains in tact. Don’t forget, when you are applying your foundation and powder to not exclude your lips. 

Viola! My makeup application is complete 🙂

Chanel Goes Eco?

Do you remember Emma Watson’s gown at the Met Ball designed by Karl Lagerfeld? I’m talking about her recycled bottles gown that looked gorgeous. Anyway, he has presented an eco-friendly Chanel haute couture spring/summer collection 2016. There are shredded wood stitched into the clothing.

Silhouettes were elongated and feminine, with slim skirts falling below the knee and bouclé jackets featuring slightly exaggerated sleeves.

Molly S.J. Lowe (New York Times)

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My 8 Go-To Lipsticks!

This is really hard, as I love lipsticks. I was able to round up my top lipsticks. I have so many that I have a makeup bad dedicated to them, plus lip balms. I do like lip scrubs, too. However, the makeup bag consists mainly of lipsticks. 

NARS Pure Matte Lipstick C$35



Candy K

Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kit  by Kylie Jenner C$38


DIOR Dior Addict Lipstick Hydra-Gel Core Mirror Shine C$43


CHANEL ROUGE ALLURE VELVET Luminous Matte Lip Colour C$43


CHANEL ROUGE ALLURE Luminous Intense Lip Colour C$43

LANCÔME L’Absolu Rouge Definition Lipstick C$37

MAKE UP FOR EVER Rouge Artist Intense Lipstick C$23


Smashbox Be Legendary Matte Lipstick C$23


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Chanel Skincare Essentials: Hydra Beauty Collection

Hydra Beauty: The power of micro-hydration.

The Ingredients:

The ingredients

for continuous hydration.

Camellia Alba PFA highly moisturizing, help to protect the skin’s moisture barrier.

for a plumping and smoothing effect.

Fine lines due to dehydration look plumped, skin is supple and smoothed all day long.

for intense protection.

A powerful antioxidant, it helps protect the skin from free radicals and considerably reinforce its cellular self-defense system.

*PFA: PolyFractioning of Active ingredients. A process specific to CHANEL that allows for the creation of ultra-pure cosmetic ingredients.
**Camellia Alba OFA: exclusive active ingredient. International patent application.
OFA: Oleo Fractioned Active ingredient.


Discover the line:



Hydra Beauty Micro Serum

With HYDRA BEAUTY Micro Sérum, CHANEL reinvents hydration. The first serum composed of camellia micro-droplets is based on an exclusive patented technology derived from Microfluidics, making it possible to create droplets of ingredients whose purity remains intact until the moment of application. In perfect affinity with the skin, these micro-droplets fuse with it, releasing their precious camellia extract for continuous hydration and an intense plumping effect. The unprecedented texture offers a completely new sensory experience.



Hydra Beauty Creme

The essential moisturising step for the comfort of normal to dry skin. HYDRA BEAUTY Crème deeply hydrates and protects skin against free radicals. Its fresh, rich texture delicately melts away to reveal subtle fruity notes.



Hydra Beauty Micro Gel Yeux



Hydra Beauty Nutrition 

Hydrating care for dry lips. HYDRA BEAUTY NUTRITION Nourishing Lip Care smoothes, soothes and protects damaged lips, while revealing their volume and natural radiance. Its deliciously scented texture instantly melts onto lips.


Stacey Says: It’s honestly one of the best hydrating lines that I’ve ever tried. Dehydrated skin and sensitive skin go hand in hand, really, so this feels so comfortable, so nice on the skin. My blemishes that appear when my skin is dehyrated, were completely gone. This is what happens when you have dehydrated skin. These blemishes appear on the cheeks, mainly, but can also appear on the chin at times. The nourishing lip care is amazing. 

All images courtesy of chanel.com


In the spirit of adventure, a new makeup collection unveils a shimmering desert oasis. Brilliant coppers and sandy browns give soft intensity to the eyes, while pinks and oranges sparkle on the lips.

Summer Collection 2016

Les Sautoirs De Coco Collection:

Les Beiges Duo No. 01 and Duo No.02 $65 ALL Limited Edition

Pinceau Blush $55 


Les 4 Ombres Multi-Effect Quadra Eyeshadow $65 Limited Edition

Levres Scintillantes in 608 Dzhari, 606 Rouge Dessert, 604 Sirocco, 602 Tanami, 610 Sahara, 612 Adenium $30 ALL Limited Edition

Le Vernis in Turban, Cavaliere, Canotier, Espadrilles, Emeraude $28 


Stylo Yeux Waterproof in 817 Oasis, 827 Sable $33 ALL Limited Edition

Le Volume de Chanel Waterproof $32 in 27 Mirage Limited Edition 

Les Beiges Healthy Glow Foundation Broad Spectrum 25 $60 

Gloss Volume Plumping Lipgloss $30

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