Prepping for Your Wedding


Photography by Murat Karabey | Model: Melanie Kamara | Dress:

When you are faux tanning, you should you tan at least three days in advance. This ensures your tan has set completely, especially if you are using a lotion or a spray. Otherwise, the tan can be removed by powders and can cause irritations, especially for those with sensitive skin. Just remember, when faux tanning, for an even application, make sure to exfoliate the areas you plan on tanning. The product won’t sit between dead skin or on top of it. Don’t forget to moisturize after you have tanned. Not only does this help the tan last twice as long (at least two weeks), it also helps correct the dryness that occurs when you tan.

Read up more tips on Prepping for Your Wedding by clicking on the link below! 

Are you a bride who has a wedding coming, and you want to look your absolute best, check out my five quick and easy tips on FSHN! This even works if your a bridesmaid wanting to look your best, too! 


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