DIY Face Mask: Banana & Honey

I had decided to try this what was supposed to be a one ingredient face mask, but eventually turned into a two ingredient face mask; banana and honey. Now, if you plan on storing this face mask in the fridge to use for later in the week, use a whole banana. It makes a large batch. If that’s the case, and you want to opt for honey – apply two or three squirts. I used two generous amounts for one whole banana. 

Bananas contain vitamins A,B,C, E, iron, zinc and loads of potassium. Bananas are excellent to reduce inflammatory skin (redness, including rosacea), acne/blemishes, dehydration, sensitive, anti-aging, so it reduces fine lines and wrinkles, thanks to it’s hydrating factor. Bananas are equivalent to the results you receive from botox. The difference is that one of them; you are injecting a needle and the other treatment you are applying a mask onto your face, or eating a banana, or both. 🙂

I love honey in masks, even on it’s own. Honey adds additional hydration for those who have very dehydrated in Winter. My skin is dehydrated all year round, but in the Winter, forget it, talk about loss of hydrated.


1/3 or 1/4 banana

Fork (I replaced the wisk with a fork)

Honey (optional) – about 1 squirt


In a bowl mash the banana to your level of smoothness. Add a honey, if you like. Mix it well. After your skin has been cleansed, with your favourite cleanser, apply this mixture. Leave it on for fifteen minutes. Afterwards, remove it with a warm wash cloth. Finish it with your moisturizer. 

When you’ve tried this face mask, please share in the comments!

I’m Stacey Hobbs, thank you for reading. Until next time! 







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