Reduce Puffy Eyes & Dark Circles with Green Tea Bags

When I want to remove puffy eyes, and even dark circles, I use green tea bags, as opposed to regular tea bags to place over my eyes. Green tea contain antioxidents, plus Vitamin C. So, it keeps your eyes looking young. Perfect bonus. This is my trick when sleep just isn’t doing it, as in loss of sleep.

I may brew the tea bags, or leave them dry and place them right over my eyes. It really does remove the puffiness and dark circles. Now, I must say, if eye puffiness is hereditary, I’m sorry to give bad news, but no matter the cream or treatment you do, the puffiness will not ever lift. If it isn’t hereditary, you have hope in saying good-bye this issue.

So, all I do is remove two green tea bags, lie down and place them over my eyes for about ten minutes to fifteen minutes. And, remove. It really depends on the level of darkness and puffiness. To be honest, at thirty, I don’t get a sevre amount of either … at least not yet.

You can also brew two tea bags, place them in the fridge to cool them down, then place these two tea bags over your eyes for about ten minutes to fifteen minutes. Then discard.

Have you tried this technique? Share in the comments!

I’m Stacey Hobbs, thank you for reading. Until next time! 






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