How to Reduce a Blemishes with Asprin (Ibuprofen Tablet)!

Before I get into how you can reduce blemishes, the swelling and redness instantly. May I just say, let’s look on the bright side of having a blemish or two  or ten. The upside is that it’s a sign that you have moisture, hydration, this means that you are aging gracefully, so you are young looking. So, if a pimple decides to say hello, don’t fret. It’s a good sign. However, you probably still want to say good-bye. I do.

Take some Ibuprofen tablet (it’s anti-inflammatory). It reduces swelling internally with anything.This includes blemishes and acne. It dries it out, as well. Dissolve it in water and apply it where ever you have a blemish/acne. This trick also removes the redness of the blemish/ acne.

Apply this mixture in the morning if you have an event in the evening or the day before. I prefer the day before.

I’m Stacey Camacho, thank you for reading. Until next time!


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